One solution is clear as day: solar power creates jobs, drives innovation, and strengthens our economy as a key player in moving the Midwest toward a renewable energy future. Drought resistant. Environmentally friendly. A reliable source of natural energy, solar is a vast resource that can supply a significant portion of the Midwest’s electricity needs.

Powering Wisconsin understands the importance of a diversified energy grid, and supports a robust solar market as a bright light in our future’s renewable energy portfolio. Powering Wisconsin shines a light on solar energy in Wisconsin by working through issues like land use, decommissioning, and siting standards for utility-scale solar projects. And we work with members and within MISO to advocate for common-sense policies – all to bring solar’s cost savings and additional benefits to life.


Strong storage infrastructure can bring down energy costs by increasing grid efficiency and improving reliability and flexibility. The sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t move 24 hours a day. But, the sun is always shining and the wind is always moving – somewhere. Low-cost renewable energy production ebbs and flows, but a diverse electric grid coupled with investments in energy storage ensures reliability and resilience for generations to come.

Powering Wisconsin supports competitive and reliable energy storage systems across the Midwest. Our advocacy is based on the vast range of benefits energy storage provides. It can integrate resources, reduce negative environmental impacts, save customers money, and increase the reliability and resilience of the grid. Battery storage is economically viable today and ready to address many of the challenges our grid faces – now and into the future.


The most cost efficient source of renewable energy, wind power moves the Midwest toward a renewable energy future. Drought resistant and reliable, wind leads the way toward a clean energy future – while generating revenue for communities and landowners.

Wind is the largest renewable energy source on the grid, and more cost-effective than current coal plants and competitive with existing natural gas. With the wind at our backs, we work to inform and improve public understanding of wind energy.

Powering Wisconsin knows the future of energy is in the wind. We provide reliable, credible, factual information for lawmakers, landowners, and the general public about the benefits of renewable energy and advocate to amplify wind energy’s positive legacy in the Midwest.