Legislative Resources

Welcome to the Powering Wisconsin Legislative resource toolkit. Included here are factual materials with background on the issues and opportunities facing renewable energy in Wisconsin, which can help respond to questions you receive as you’re speaking with constituents. We hope this information will be helpful to you as Wisconsin navigates new opportunities to diversify our energy mix.

Powering Wisconsin is here to be a resource for you. If you have questions on the materials below, please contact us at [email protected].


    Powering Wisconsin has developed a toolkit of resources that legislative candidates can use when responding to constituent questions regarding renewable energy projects in their communities. Toolkit resources include information on the following: 

    • Background on Powering Wisconsin
    • Renewable Energy Project Approval Process
    • Personal Property Rights & Economic Development
    • Utility Aid Payments Explained
    • Solar Power in Wisconsin
    • Solar Power & Wisconsin’s Agricultural Heritage
    • Wind Power in Wisconsin
    • Energy Storage Explained
    • Project Spotlights: Wisconsin-based solar and wind projects
    • Featured Voices

    Why Renewables

    Renewable energy creates jobs, drives innovation, and strengthens our economy as a key player in moving the Midwest towards a diverse energy future. Not only do projects bring good-paying construction jobs and long-term positions to rural communities, but renewable energy is now one of the cheapest forms of energy on the market produced right here at home, opening up the potential to save Wisconsin consumers money.

    Energy from wind and solar also create unique opportunities for farmers and local governments. Wisconsin farmers are increasingly learning that renewable energy is a cost-effective, drought-resistant cash crop that allows them to diversify their income and extend the lifetime of their farms for years to come. Local governments also have the opportunity to reap the benefits from utility aid payments, allowing them to provide tax relief or invest in their community’s infrastructure.

    Defending Private Property Rights

    For years, renewable energy projects have strengthened Wisconsin’s energy grid. Wisconsin’s renewable energy permitting process prioritizes Wisconsinites’ needs for reliable energy and personal property rights. Farmers are the best stewards of their own land, and the decision to place land into service for a renewable energy project relies on several factors including the need for steady, diversified income; maintaining passive income; and more. The government should not dictate what farmers can do with their own land, and we must continue to champion private property rights in Wisconsin.

    Powering Wisconsin

    Powering Wisconsin is a member-led coalition aimed at advancing renewable energy solutions that move Wisconsin toward increased sustainability while spurring economic development and protecting private property rights. The coalition was established in 2023 to highlight and promote the importance of a diversified energy portfolio. Powering Wisconsin works together with a wide range of stakeholders, showcasing the role of clean energy in moving Wisconsin towards energy independence, stimulating economic growth, creating jobs, while protecting and responsibly using our natural resources, increasing grid efficiency and improving reliability and flexibility.